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Retaining Wall Installation Services in Germantown, TN

Retaining Wall Installation Services | Germantown, TN

Prevent soil erosion with our retaining wall installation services in Germantown, TN. For years, residential and commercial customers have trusted Germantown Landscape Company to bring their ideas to life. From classic to innovative styles, we offer custom designs that adapt to any architecture and stay within budget.

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Depending on the needs of the property and the customer’s vision, we offer the most suitable retaining wall that enhances and supports the landscape. The four types of commercial and residential retaining walls include the following:

  • Anchored Walls—These designs are usually used in conjunction with other methods of construction that need additional support. The anchors are held to the wall by strips or cables, keeping the soil mass in place.
  • Cantilevered Walls—Also called reinforced retaining walls, these walls are built to resist heavy pressure and use steel bars to resist gravity. They are connected to a sturdy foundation to hold a large amount of soil mass.
  • Gravity Walls—This type uses heavy materials’ weight and gravity to withstand the lateral soil pressure or movement. Bricks, pavers, stones, and wood can be used for their construction.
  • Piling Walls—The best option is to install a retaining wall with part of the material underground for reduced space. This method offers a sturdy solution, using a sheet pile made of thin steel, wood, or vinyl material.